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Please Join me -

Playful Abstract Painting workshop


Playful Collage & Painting Workshop

play & experiment with layers of paint, collage, brushes/tools, & new ways to express your creative self.  All levels welcome.

Please contact me via email - - for more information

"There's more inside you than you dare think."  David Browner

Supply List: 

  -2 Blank Canvases (at least) – The bigger the better!  24x24, 30x30, 24x30, etc. 

  -Acrylic Paint – At least 8-10 of your favorite colors, plus black & white 

  (a variety of warm colors such as orange, yellow, pink & red, and cools such as blue, green, purple, turquoise, etc.)   If you have fluid acrylics bring those too!   

   -Brushes – 2" & 4" Foam craft (can be inexpensive ones from Michaels) at least 5-6, and a variety of traditional paint brushes including a couple of thin ones for finer work.  

*Optional - old credit card, foam roller, stamps, stencils ... anything goes!

  -Pallet – Pallet paper, disposable paper plate, or wax paper on a cookie sheet

  -Apron & rags  

  -Spray bottle 

Student feedback:
"Yesterday was awesome! Thank you for bringing that to us. I could feel the energy of excitement from everyone as you introduced a new way to explore painting. I feel like you opened a new door for me that I was looking for"  Margot


"What fun I had today learning from you! I can't wait to continue. I'm super excited about my first abstract painting. Thanks to the talented and loving Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith for a fun day of living with no rules! " Jenny

contact cyndy @ cyndycallie@msn.comfor further details or questions


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