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"Mere color ... can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways".     ~ Oscar Wilde 

The painting journey began for me in 2012 while attending an Intuitive Abstract Painting workshop at Chautauqua in Boulder.  My art practice has been an amazing pilgrimage filled with curiosity, discovery, workshops, classes and an artist residency in France.


Living in rural Boulder County on 5 beautiful acres with my husband, Greg, and our two dogs, Tundra and Otis, I relish in the beauty and nature that surrounds us daily.  We are thrilled that our adult daughter, Callie, lives nearby in Boulder. Spending time in nature hiking & rafting, gardening, travel, cooking, and painting are what bring me the most joy.  

Previously a horse stable, I relish in creating, hosting friends & events in my delightful detached art studio.  


Thank you for your interest in my artwork.

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 Cyndy Hinkelman smith

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