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BMOCA 2018

Hello & Welcome -

Executed in acrylic and mixed media, Cyndy Hinkelman-Smith's work is characterized by effervescent color, rich and unexpected textures, and a canny blend of the representational and the abstract. 

Hinkelman-Smith takes on deceptively simple subject matter which captivates the viewer with its unexpected freshness of expression.  Through immersion in nature and vastly different environments, the artist invites us along in her exploration of the world as she sees it.  

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Hello and welcome!


to call myself an artist is a gift.   Several years ago I Began painting with acrylic paints and fell in love with the process of moving color around on a canvas while playing with shapes and extures, the creative energy and outcome of each painting so unique.  painting in an abstract style began my painting journey and remains a large part of my artistic expression.  i also find inspiration painting things that i admire - old barns & trucks; the Natural world including landscapes, trees, & floras; animals & birds; or even life's simple pleasures such as a coffee cup, a wine bottle, or a bicycle.  painting is an adventure for me, and i love to light up a canvas with color and zeal! I also facilitate playful exploring painting  & collage workshops,  

Previously a horse stable and renovated into a beautiful living space, my studio is a special place for me to create, and to spend time with friends.  I welcome visitors to my studio so if you would like to set up an appointment to see my artwork, or to just stop by, please feel free to contact me:  

on a personal note, i'm very proud to be called "mom" by my 23 yr old daughter, callie.  my husband, greg, and i enjoy tending to our 5 acres in Rural boulder county, especially the gardens and bee hives,  We also co-own and operate several local RE/MAX Alliance real estate offices.  


having grown up in the magical and glorious boulder area, I appreciate and embellish in the beauty that surrounds me daily, especially when hiking with my dogs, skiing, mountain biking, river rafting, and camping.  Cooking, photography, and finding treasures at flea markets & art fairs are other creative past-times I enjoy.

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